Writing is an acceptable form of scizophrenia. E. L. Doctorow















Love doesn't wait to be invited in…

Ainsley Faraday specializes in the management of sleek, urban hotels, and is reluctant to accept her employer's latest challenge to take over a mom-and-pop property in Santa Fe. Even though she has no desire to be surrounded with lonely mountain ranges and coyote skulls, she can't resist a challenge that might put her within reach of a corner office at headquarters.

Rock star Greer Davis's protective bubble of stardom bursts after a night of wanton partying results in a public disaster of epic proportions. Unprepared for the scathing turn of events, Greer heads for the hills-literally. She assumes a new identity and returns to her roots in Northern New Mexico just as her latest album debuts at number one on the charts.

When Ainsley and Greer meet on a flight to New Mexico, love is the last thing on either of their minds, but tall mountain vistas, big blue skies, and hot, hot green chile all combine to create a rush of endorphins begging for release.

Author's Note: I lived in New Mexico for about eight years in the 1990′s. Talk about a breathtaking place to wake up every day. I did my best not to make Do Not Disturb sound like a tourist guide, but I highly recommend a visit to the Land of Enchantment if you ever get the chance.

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