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Business and pleasure don't mix, especially when the business is crime.

When Aimee Howard, successful boutique real estate broker and socialite, is visited by a team of federal agents looking to arrest her wayward niece, she hires the best defense money can buy. But Aimee begins to question her confidence in the law firm when she learns they've hired a disgraced former police detective to take the lead.

Homicide detective Skye Keaton's shortcuts in the name of justice have finally tipped the scales in the wrong direction. She's lost her job, her pride, and the respect of her family and friends. When an old friend trusts her with a simple task-find a young woman in hiding-she's happy to have the work even though the client is a bossy former debutante who wants to micromanage her every move.

Skye reluctantly decides to let Aimee close to the investigation so she can manage Aimee's expectations, but their professional proximity quickly takes a turn toward passion. Despite their best defenses, as they work together to regain what they've lost, both women find the magnetic attraction that develops between them hard to resist.

Author's Note: This novel, while a stand-alone romantic intrigue, is a spin-off from It Should be a Crime. The main characters of The Best Defense, Skye Keaton and Aimee Howard, were secondary characters in It Should be a Crime, and Morgan and Parker who were the featured players in ISbaC make an appearance in Skye and Aimee's story. The stories themselves do not have to be read in any particular order to make sense, but if you are a creature of order, you might want to read It Should be a Crime first.

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