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Everyone knows true love is just a fantasy…right?

Mackenzie Lewis' friends think she is destined to grow old alone, because even though she is a successful business woman, fun to be with, and great looking, the only women she meets are the ones in the romance novels she devours or while tagging along on dates with her best friend Jordan. Mac wants the kind of love she reads about and that her parents' storybook love proves exists, and she intends to wait for it. Mac's best friend Dr. Jordan Wagner, a successful, gorgeous plastic surgeon, has encountered lots of women and she has enjoyed every one. She is not interested in growing old with any of them, though, and her past losses only confirm her choice is the right one. At the first sign of commitment, she is on to the next. On a dare from their pals, Mac and Jordan decide to look for matches on the Internet. As they wind their way through the Web, seemingly looking for completely different things, both women discover true love is far different than they imagined. Ultimately, Mac and Jordan discover truelesbianlove is closer than a click away.

Author's Note: I met my wife on an online dating site. While our dating experience was nothing like the ones depicted in truelesbianlove.com, we did have our first date at the Half Price Bookstore where Mac meets up with her first match.

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